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We are proud to announce that today marks the launch of the official blog of IWC Schaffhausen. The IWC WATCH INTERNATIONAL BLOG is hosted here and at IWC.comEach week, we will give you an exclusive look into our world: a world of technical excellence, masculinity, craftsmanship and adventure.

An introduction to the world of IWC Schaffhausen

To kick off your personal access to the world of IWC, we take you behind the scenes- into a series of events which most watch enthusiasts only dream about.

Around the globe, there are many who admire fine craftsmanship, scrupulous attention to detail, and beautiful design. Among these, there are very few who can say they learned first-hand how all of that comes together, straight from IWC Schaffhausen Master Watch Maker, Kurt Klaus.

Kurt Klaus at work examining an IWC caliber

Beginning with the question “How do you turn IWC customers into watchmakers?”we carefully developed a Watch Making Master Class, often taught by the one and only Klaus, who has spent over 50 years in the craft. A legend in the watch industry, Klaus is the inventor of the IWC Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar – a watch that keeps an accurate calendar for hundreds of years. Now retired, Klaus is also a legend at IWC Schaffhausen headquarters, where he still pops in to work.  He has no airs about him, and loves to interact with IWC collectors all over the world. For this reason, Klaus is IWC’s senior ambassador. 

 Instructing guests on the intricacies of the caliber

A special Watch Making Master Class series recently took place across Scandinavia and Western Europe, with Mr. Klaus traveling to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Luxembourg, and Belgium to delight IWC Schaffhausen’s special guests. Held at the homes of some of IWC’s most distinguished customers, select participants got an unparalleled experience.

To start, in their hands was placed an individual IWC caliber, representing over 140 years of technology and watch making intricacy. As soon as the caliber was given to the guests, it was dismantled by them, as they learned about the numerous components and the part each one played in the whole.

The setting for the IWC Watch Making Master Class

For many of the guests, the most enjoyable part of the evening was to see Klaus’ true passion and enthusiasm, whose commitment to his art is just one of the reasons that everyone present owned one of his watches. 

To those of you who have not been lucky enough to be taken through the watch-making process by Kurt Klaus, we would like to dedicate this video. Enjoy it, and please check back in next week for more stories, news, and novelties by IWC watches.  

A glimpse at the IWC manufacturing process

Best wishes from Schaffhausen