Pay attention to the advanced technology of Hublot LADIES WATCHES

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The decorative technology of the wrist watch, has always been a very important part of Haute Horlogerie, only one fusion watch craftsmanship timepieces are eligible to be called art. The small square dial is infinite space of art masters of art, those complicated and varied enamel, gold carving, shell carving, micro-painted craft, mosaics …… some ancient tradition, some innovation in art Cherish the master, always showing spectacular wonderful scene. At the same time, because it is purely handmade creation, so, as a work of art, decorative watches can not be copied, because the price of rare and expensive. And perhaps because women are more likely than men to be attracted to art, decorative watch, most female form again.

Top technology for fusion

Because the process can be completed top-level master craftsman rare, so the integration of a top technology watch has also been very rewarding, but can be two or more top technology integration in a watch, the more difficult is the plus difficult. This happens in haute process is often seen wonderful watch. For haute watch, craft masters are always reluctant to disappoint.


18K rose gold case, bezel set with diamonds, diameter of 37 mm. Gold dial, fusion engraving, micro-painted, mosaic and other technology, the 6 o’clock position veneering tourbillon. Brand homemade BVL 236 automatic mechanical movement, 64 hours power reserve. Crocodile leather strap. ID: 102343.

Bulgari new artistic garden series is not only the creation of a number of series of gorgeous jewelry, but also introduced a variety of artistic craft of haute watch, only IL GIARDINO LARIANO watch is one of them. It is inspired by Lake Como, graceful swans in the snow against the sky mosaic noble and graceful, with a pale pink feathers on a gray-blue gradient Tahitian mother of pearl inlay in the water, full of glory. Creation of the whole picture, integrate a variety of craft techniques, within the gold dial base fill enamel golden eagle carving out grooves. On this basis, the sky snowflake diamond inlaid mother of pearl inlay lake, swan shape of micro-painted gradient. Finally reached the screen effect.

18K gold case, bezel set with diamonds, 42 mm in diameter. 18K gold dial, 22K gold metal beads fusion process, shell carving, enamel. Automatic mechanical movement, alligator strap, individually numbered, limited edition 40.

Orchid is an important sign image Cartier, orchids only watch Cartier Cartier various fusion processes. Cartier is the first ancient tradition of innovative technology for the metal beads background, then the natural mother of pearl carved out orchid image and metal beads decorated, last orchid flower in red enamel baked. Indeed, three orchids three top technology.

Innovative technology exclusive fight

In watch decoration process, in addition to ancient handed down common enamel, sculpture, and other traditional crafts will be micro, there are some with the development of watchmaking, and full of innovative forms of technology, these processes debut , always amazing, praise craft masters whims and craftsmanship. At the same time, these innovative processes have become unique skills each artistic creation.

Haute watch, decorative watch to the number that best display quality and content of the wearer. Although it is a complex process, dazzling gem, but a confusion between the realm of art, it is the exit of a small look at the aesthetic mood of the wearer, the wearer is another world.