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June 8, 2016 Off By admin

Few brands in the watch industry have as strong a social media presence as IWC. When you mention #IWC in a tweet or tag your watch on Instagram, it’s not unusual to hear other IWC fanatics and IWC itself chiming in as well. To keep this conversation going, IWC has recently been pushing the use of three hashtags, making it even easier to communicate with likeminded IWC lovers.

The first one is probably already familiar to you: #tbt or #throwbackthursday. A quick look at #tbt and you’ll realize that it’s mostly childhood photos and shots of people’s parents back in the day, but there’s no reason we can throw some watch love into #tbt too. Whether it’s a snap of your favorite vintage piece or a wristshot from a memorable event, there are lots of reasons to post. IWC itself will be sharing some looks into the brand’s history each Thursday, so keep a look out for that too.

Sticking with Thursday for a minute, we’ve also got #CaseBackThursday, IWC’s own spin on #tbt. You can offer up a look at your watch’s movement through a sapphire back or show off any special engravings or markings your case might be sporting. This is inspired by the IWC tradition of releasing special watches with limited edition caseback engravings like the Portofino Rome Boutique Edition.

Finally this brings us to #WednesdayWatchRiddle, an interactive hashtag created by IWC. Each Wednesday evening, IWC shares a “watch porn” post on its Facebook page, but now you’ll be able to get a sneak peek earlier in the day via Instagram. There will be a #WednesdayWatchRiddle photo inviting followers to guess what watch they’ll be getting a closer look at that night. 

To participate in these hashtags, be sure to follow IWC on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so you don’t miss any of the action.

-HODINKEE for IWC Schaffhausen