Exploring The Chopard Islands With The New Aquatimers

July 6, 2018 Off By admin

IWC has had a long standing partnership with the Charles Darwin Foundation, based in the Galapagos Islands, but the latest collection of Aquatimers expanding this partnership with three special watches. We spent a few days last week exploring the Galapagos with IWC and of course had the opportunity to visit the Charles Darwin Foundation and to wear the new Aquatimers in their natural habitat.

The first watch is the most traditional of the bunch. The Edition Galapagos Islands is already a mainstay in the Aquatimer collection, and this new execution is really exciting. The steel case is coated in matte black rubber, giving it a really tactile quality and there are all the new features including the Safe Dive Bezel too. On the caseback is the iconic marine iguana (of which we saw more than a few). 

Next is the Edition 50 Years Of Science For Galapagos,“ which starts much the same as the Edition Galapagos Islands with the black rubber-coated case and clean dial. But, the dial here is adorned with blue luminous markings that give it a softer overall feel. The caseback has a special decoration to celebrate the Charles Darwin Foundation’s 50th anniversary, a milestone for scientific research in the Galapagos.

The last watch is the Edition Expedition Charles Darwin, the first even bronze watch from IWC. The material was chosen because it was heavily used in 19th-century shipbuilding and was a key part of The Beagle, the ship on which Darwin explored the islands. The material takes on a great patina, and you can already see it developing after two days of diving and hiking. Really a beautiful material and one that tells a story over time.

We will of course have more for you from this amazing journey in the coming weeks, here and on HODINKEE.

-HODINKEE for IWC Schaffhausen