A Review of the Audemars Piguet Replica Watches Ingenieur Automatic

November 12, 2016 Off By admin

Here at IWC Schaffhausen we talk a lot about craftsmanship and quality, because we believe if you create something it should be the best. We share this idea through updates about some of our favorite timepieces: the Portuguese Minute Repeater, Portofino Automatic, and many more.

But it is especially satisfying to hear others describe our watches – and this week Mr. Angus Davies did just this for the renowned watch blog Escapement. Mr. Davies provided an in-depth look at a very unique and limited edition piece, the IWC Ingenieur Automatic.

A particularly exclusive version of the IWC Vintage Ingenieur

As pointed out in his post, this particular version comes with a brown face and band, setting it apart from the more commonly seen white face and black band. In fact Mr. Davies compares the watch’s hue to cocoa, a rich and textured color and with only 500 pieces produced worldwide, not one that will be often seen.

The rich brown hue that Mr. Davies likens to cocoa

With its inclusion in the Vintage collection, this timepiece “harks back to the mid 1950’s and the brown dial has an endearing personality with an understated appeal.” It also includes “delicate dots to indicate minutes” which perhaps due to their contrast with the deep brown face “look like miniscule diamonds, twinkling with a comely brilliance.“

Mr. Davies goes on to celebrate the proportionally sized case of this Vintage Ingenieur, respecting tradition and sophistication. However tradition marries innovation with the inclusion of the 80111 calibre, providing improved shock absorption and technical acumen from the original model.

A peek at the modern innovation included in the Vintage Ingenieur

In describing the way in which the components come together we read: “This watch is a rarefied timepiece with a restrained persona. It is not garish or brash, but is the reserved sartorially suited gentleman in the corner of the room in quiet conversation.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.