A New Rolex Boutique Opens In Zurich – a Lovely Suburb of Schaffhausen

April 1, 2016 Off By admin

For the past few weeks, scaffolding surrounding the posh Zurich address Bahnhofstrasse 61 read: “Men, your time will come.” The building at this address was being renovated to become the newest IWC Boutique, and with the opening of its doors last week, the edict is now: “Men, your time has come!”

We are excited to announce the latest IWC branded store, in our home country of Switzerland. As we shared two weeks ago on the opening of our Miami location, the boutiques are a unique opportunity for us to bring our customers and fans exclusive product, events, and information about the brand. Situated at the heart of Zurich’s foremost shopping street – it is the place to go when you are in town.

The IWC Schaffhausen boutique at Bahnhofstrasse 61 as seen from the street

The building that houses the boutique was built in 1909, about forty years after IWC itself was founded. And while the site and its surroundings closely reflect our heritage, its design has been modernized to align with the masculinity and sophistication of our products and our customer.

Dark wood, glass, chrome, and leather evoke the rich texture one has come to associate with IWC, and are also elements and hues seen in our timepieces. These are present throughout the boutique.

Inside the store, the well appointed lounge area and presentation of each watch family

Also seen in the new environment is a display window concept, which creates a strong connection with the heritage and birth of each watch family. The history of aviation accompanies the Pilot’s Watch collection, and within this, a set of animated cockpit instruments surrounds our Top Gun line. In another corner, the Italian seaside town of Portofino shines around the collection of the same name. 

The IWC Boutique offers the complete line of timepieces

As with our other IWC Boutiques worldwide, visitors to the Zurich location can expect to find a unique offering of our handcrafted timepieces on display. For the man who finds himself on the Bahnhofstrasse, whether for business or pleasure, number 61 will be a destination replete with the comforts, exclusivity, and service he will be expecting.