Uncover the standard world relationship to Christmas by means of magic mushrooms, the Pole Star and the World Tree! There could also be evaluation that suggests that lots of our modern-day Christmas symbols and icons are actually derived from the Shamanistic traditions of the tribal people of pre-Christian Northern Europe. They consumed sacred mushrooms and primarily based lots of their traditions and celebrations spherical these sacred mushrooms which bare resemblance to lots of our fashionable Christmas traditions.

There could also be an fascinating historic previous hooked as much as these magic mushrooms we see illustrated in children’s fairy story books and notably with images of elves and Christmas. They arrive from the ‘fly agaric‘ or amanita muscaria mushroom (pink and white in coloration). These mushrooms are usually associated to magic and fairies. Historic people used these mushrooms for transcendental experiences and notion. These mushrooms embrace hallucinogenic compounds. The Shamanistic traditions included celebrations throughout the consumption and harvest of these sacred mushrooms. Celebrations identical to our Christmas traditions.

Curiously these specific mushrooms develop solely beneath certain kinds of bushes being largely firs and evergreens which are synonymous with Christmas. Historic people thought-about the mushrooms the fruit of these evergreen bushes. As these mushrooms sprang from the earth, historic people have been amazed because of there was no seen seed. Thus it was thought-about a ‘virgin begin ‘ensuing from the morning dew (seen as a result of the semen of the deity). It has been written that the silver tinsel excellent proper this second to drape over our fashionable Christmas bushes is derived from and guide of this divine fluid. Many historic people along with the Shamans and the Lapps (Finland) and the Kyoak tribes of the central Russian steepes think about throughout the considered a ‘World Tree’. They believed the trunk of the tree was guide of daily life and sometimes known as the ‘middle earth’, the roots of the tree stretched deep into the earth to the ‘under-world’ and that branches stretched upwards proper right into a heavenly or cosmic realm. The World Tree has been described as a type of ‘cosmic axis’ the place the planes of the universe are mounted.

The North Star typically often called the ‘Pole Star’ was thought-about sacred by historic people because of all the other stars revolved spherical its mounted stage. They believed the very best of the World Tree touched or associated to the Pole Star. The Shamans notion they cross into the realm of the Gods as they climbed the metaphorical tree. That’s believed by some to be the precise historic previous of the star on the stylish Christmas tree.

Researchers inform us that the energetic substances of amanita mushrooms are often not metabolized by the physique and so keep energetic throughout the urine. It’s thought-about safer and preferable to not eat the mushrooms immediately nevertheless to drink the urine of 1 who has consumed the mushrooms. This course of permits a lot of the toxic compounds to be processed and eradicated on the first cross by means of the physique. Historic people drank each others urine as an ordinary apply of recycling the potent outcomes of the mushrooms. It has been found that even on six passes by means of the physique substances of the amanita mushrooms keep potent. It has been argued amongst some college students that the origin of the phrase “to get pissed,” comes from this historic urine consuming apply associated to the amanita mushrooms. This urine-drinking train preceded alcohol by 1000’s of years.

The sacred animals of these historic people have been reindeer which were moreover eager on consuming the amanita mushrooms. In fact they may search them out, after which prance about whereas beneath their have an effect on. Reindeer moreover profit from the urine of a human who had consumed the mushrooms. Often tribesmen would carry sealskin containers of their urine which they used efficiently to attract stray reindeer once more into the herd. The implications of these mushrooms usually embrace sensations of flying and measurement distortion. This may account for the quite a few legends of flying reindeer or winged reindeer transporting their riders up the World Tree!